Why A Rowing Machine Is Considered as Total Body Workout Equipment?

Why A Rowing Machine Is Considered as Total Body Workout Equipment?

Technology has changed living standards and also exercise pattern. Most of the time we considered that the methods or equipment we are using from a long time is the only effective way to remain fit. But Fitness equipment Dealer is constantly innovating and choosing new fitness products upgrade to the latest equipment with a new concept which is more beneficial for health. Rowing Machine or Rower Equipment is considered as the best fitness equipment for total body workout. It is also known as Rower and Ergometers. Let us see how it is used for total body workout.

1) Full Body Muscles Workout :

Muscles Exercise includes Squats, Push-ups, Tricep dips, One-Arm Row and many more. Rowing machines provide a full-body workout. The Rowing Equipment mainly involves all major muscles of the lower and upper body. For the entire time, you are using your hand for gripping the handle. Also, you are using your legs for this Equipment. So, in short, you are using your main body parts such as legs, core, back, and arms.

  • The starting position is ‘Catch Position’ where you have to push off with the help of legs. Here legs muscles get to stretch. This exercises your Quads, Hamstrings, Calves.
  • The next step of Rower Machine is ‘Drive Position’. This phase gets started by straightening legs while beginning to lean back and pull the handle to your chest. This ‘Drive’phase will work out almost 84% of the muscles of the body.
  • Third and the last phase of Rower Equipment is ‘The Finish Position where you have to hold handle grip of a machine and return back to catch position. This requires your core and all your stabilizer muscles to bring your upper body forward.

In this way upper as well as lower body parts and their muscles get stretched which covers full body muscles workout.

2) Aerobic and Anaerobic Workout :

Rower Equipment not only affects muscles but also Cardiovascular workout as well. It increases stamina, lowering your blood pressure, strengthening of your heart and respiratory system and make you healthy. Rowing machine provides greater resistance in body than other equipment such as Indoor Bikes. The continuous pull and push motion of rowing handle provide resistance in not one but two directions. This Equipment can be used by people having joint problems. Rower Equipment Online Shop will provide the best piece of equipment among all.

3) Burns a lot of Calories :

A rower Machine is Calories burning machine. Perfect body workout results into burning large amount of calories. If you use Rower energetically you can burn Calories in the range of 600 – 1000 per month.

4) Fewer Injuries :

Old People have a problem regarding joints and because of which they avoid using gym equipment. Also due to some kind of injury or joint problems lot many think twice before using fitness equipment. One of the most important benefits of a rowing machine is its low impact on joints and non-weight bearing features.

Unlike running, jogging, or jumping rope which is weight bearing, rowing is non-weight bearing and easy to use for all age group people.

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