Fitness treadmills are one of the most effective fitness gym equipment. The running machines are very easy, comfortable to use.As compared to walking, running is the most effective and fast way to burn extra body fats, calories, weight gain or weight loss, and more.

If you add the treadmill, it will be the best choice for you for your daily routine exercise. One of the big advantage that running on the treadmill that helps to burn your fats quickly as compared to another home exercise. If you have a concern about body shape or losing weight, treadmills might be the best machine to accomplish these objectives.

General Tips On How To Use Treadmills For Beginners

1. If you have any joints or back problems, contact doctors. For such types of people, use treadmills according to doctors’ suggestions only.

2. You should wear some comfortable shoes or sneakers. Comfortable shoes help to protect from any harm to your arches and toes, So check before buying any shoes.

3. Drink water as much you as before you going for treadmills workout. Most of the treadmill workout is over 20 minutes, you can sweat heavily. Therefore, carry a water bottle with you while workout. Remember one thing that visits the bathroom before going for running on a treadmill to avoid any breakage. This break can interrupt or disturb your workout.

4. Always try to wear thick socks instead of an ankle or short socks.

5. Warm-up your body at least 10-15 minutes before using the treadmill. After running, if you will be tired on a treadmill, you should walk slowly for some minutes.

6. Hold hand to handles the treadmill in front of you to maintain your balance while running. These will help to stay good postures.

7. You should pay attention to the setting on the equipment or concentrate on the screen of the treadmill. You should notice a speed where you can increase or decrease the speed setting while running.

Some of the best treadmills are as below having different brands that will help you to keep your running comfortable and easy.

Cosco Motorised Treadmill CMTM-4110



Speed Range:1.0~12 Kph

Motor:1.75 HP DC Duty

Product Details

Net Weight:42 Kgs

Running Belt:17 x 48″(42 x120cms)

Display : 5 LED Readout

Max.User Weight:110 Kgs

Incline:3 Level Manual Incline

Assembly (LxWxH):1540 x 730 x 1300mm


Emergency Stop: Yes


C5 S Treadmill



Speed Range:1.0~12 Kph

Motor:4.0 HP AC Duty 8.0 HP Peak(Commercial Grade)

Product Details

Net Weight:280 Kgs

Running Belt:23” x 63”(German Belt)

Display : Large LED Screen

Max.User Weight:180 Kgs

Incline: Motor Incline : 0-20%

Assembly (LxWxH):2320 x 950 x 1800 mm

Foldable: No

AC 17 Treadmill



Speed Range:1.0~20 Kmph

Product Details

Net Weight:200 Kgs

Running Belt:23 x 66″(580 x 1680mm))

Display : 7 LED Windows

Max.User Weight:200 Kgs

Incline: Push Button Incline 0~16%

Assembly (LxWxH):2200 x 920 x 1540mm mm

Foldable: Yes

Emergency Stop: Yes

Functions: Water Bottle Holder, MP3, US

Other Features: Auto Lubrication system, Shock Absorbed Running Deck

Bowflex TC20 Tread climber

The big advantage of this Bowflex treadmill is that it helps to burn 3.5 times the calories at a time as compared to other machines. The key features are that a modern LCD backlit display that will track your whole workout. The maximum speed of 4.5 MPH.

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